Not dead, just a little tired

Alright guys, first I’d like to apologize for not keeping this place updated.  Since the U.S. Open I’ve been working pretty crazy hours at a fairly physically intensive job (that I’ve actually had for about 6 years but just recently had to take on a lot more responsibility because of budget cuts) and keeping this place up, let alone getting some golf in has been rough.  That being said, I do have some fun content that I’ve been planning, including a full guide to refinishing your own putter at home for under 20 dollars and in less than 3 hours.

Stay tuned, work will be calming down soon enough and we will get more content in, and I promise it will be good!


Tiger to miss at&t National

Tiger Woods announced on his Twitter today that he will miss his at&t national event at Aronimink.

This is pretty disappointing as I am right around the corner from this event and was hoping to go to the practice round and follow him a bit. Oh well, Twitter post after the break.  Continue reading

The flop shot

This is a post I’ve been wanting to make for a while, but haven’t found the time until now. As a player who considers himself a solid ball striker and able around the greens, one shot I’ve developed that has really bailed me out when I need it is the flop.  Many golfers really don’t know how to maximize their potential shots around the green, and too often try to work without an idea of what is appropriate or when.  The point of entry is to get you on your way to developing a solid, go to flop shot. Continue reading

“That’s Tiger stuff”

Johnny Miller said it, and there is absolutely no denying it. What Rory did today was Tiger-like, from the swing to the attitude.  He was in control from the start of day one and never lost focus.  From the first hole to the final round he made critics believers, controlling every wedge, bombing every tee shot and hitting fairway after fairway.  If you were going to compare him to any man to play this game, it could only be one: Tiger. Continue reading

Soft course – what will happen?

So, as everyone can see today, the course is playing very soft so far again, and the greens are extremely receptive. What then will happen? Will Rory continue to dominate, and possibly put another 6 under on the board?  Can you imagine that? Or will he have an off day and one of the others behind him catch up?

Either way, today is a day you don’t want to skip just because Rory seems to have it locked up.  It will be another fun day regardless.