So who’s still got a shot?

Well, Rory has built quite a lead hasn’t he?  While it seems impossible that he’s going to be toppled after building up a historic lead on what will undoubtedly be the two easiest days of the tournament, let’s explore who can possibly overtake the Northern Irishman who is playing Tiger-like golf.

First and foremost, Y.E. Yang, winner of the 2009 Players Championship, is hot on Rory’s heels.  While he isn’t shooting any Tiger-busting numbers, he is 2 under through 9 for the day, which makes him 5 under for the tournament and only 6 back of the leader with 36 holes still to be played (and in reality, 45, since his round is only half way over).  Yang has proved that he can play and win under pressure, and he’s already taken down the biggest figure this sport has had since Jack and Arnold. That means the guy has what it takes to get the job done, and he has already mentioned in his post round interview yesterday that he feels very confident about his game at Congressional.  All of this bodes well for a possible late round comeback from Yang.

Next we have the seasoned veteran Sergio Garcia, who has positioned himself at 2 under and finally seems hungry again.  He may need a little help from Rory (who has given that help in the past) but his game definitely looks good right now, despite the unconventional putting stroke.  If his head is truly in it again, you know he wants that major, especially since he was supposed to have a handful of them by now.

Finally, let’s talk about Padraig Harrington.  This guy is just due to find that winning formula again, in my opinion.  It doesn’t mean it will happen, but it definitely feels like it’s coming.  His ball looks good again and he looks somewhat refreshed.  He’s even so far through a round and a half, and if he can finish his back 9 strong and pickup a couple of strokes he will be angling himself into the same position as Sergio, and we all know he has the experience to finish if given the opportunity.

Of course, this all comes down to Rory.  If he can put up two more days with 2 under or better he will just win, period. If he takes the Tiger mind-set, the kid is probably the best on the tour right now.



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