Rory McIlroy sticking it to the field – UPDATED

Rory McIlroy is making a push to set the golfing world on fire.  Through 17 today, he is 7 under, making him 13 under for the tournament and becoming the only person ever to shoot that low, besting Tiger by a stroke (and Tiger did it over 72 holes). 

Now, U.S. Open’s don’t end after two days, and the afternoon groups haven’t even all teed off yet, but at this point it’s hard to deny that Rory is out prove his critics wrong, as he seems to be in a killer mindset right now.  He has made 30 out of 33 possible GIR’s so far, as well as 18 out of 25 fairways and is averaging just 1.58 putts per green (thanks @pgatour for the stats).  Amazing stats for this guy, and he’s still got two more days to play.

UPDATE: Rory splashes on 18 and ends up with a double bogey. It’s not all bad though, his 11 under is still a U.S. Open 36 hole record.  His finish may add an interesting spin to tomorrow though.


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