Sabbatini making a push, Mickelson can make par with the best of them and more

Rory Sabbitini just dropped his 3rd birdie in a row to put him 3 under for the day, tying him for the lead after just 6 holes.

Phil Mickelson also had a hell of a par a couple of holes ago.  A bad tee shot, a shot out of the deep rough behind some trees with a driver (!), an iron into a green bunker, a beautiful bunker shot to a tap in par.  It was like watching an entire tournament’s worth of golf in one hole.  How can you not love watching Phil?

And in a story from left field, Robert Rock paid upwards of 10,000 pounds (not dollars folks, pounds!) to get to the Open, after major visa issues threatened to keep him from making his tee time.  So far, it seems as though it may have been worth it.  The guy has shot even par so far through 5, without seeing a single hole of the course.  That is just pure golf skill at it’s finest.

Also, a final update before I must depart for a bit: McIlroy has just birdied the 17th to put him 2 under.


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