Open Update

Y.E. Yang came out firing early today with 5 birds and 2 bogeys to give him the early 3 under lead, but Francisco Molinari has quickly caught up to him, sporting a 3 under so far through 4.

Unlike these two gents, however, Mickelson is finding things a bit more difficult (in a completely Phil style).  He is now now 1 over through 4, after taking a double on his first hole (the 10th).

Sergio, the man I yesterday coined “antiquated” in terms of leader board status, has come out of the gates strong so far, posting a 1 under through 4.  He is accompanied by one Rory McIlroy, who is looking solid so far as well, and Rickie Forwler, who can sink a putt after a solid 9 iron into the green to put him at -2.

Notable score and observation for the day: Paddy Harrington, the lovable Irishman who made his fantastic run in 2008, is even for the day.  I don’t think Paddy showed the same form as he did in 08, but he did look solid and somewhat confident.  He’s going to need to do better then that though to compete for the rest of the week.


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