iPING: PING’s shockwave to the putting world

Alright, so I don’t want to come across as a PING salesman, because honestly I don’t have one PING club in my bag (right now anyway…) but this is the second of two big announcements by the company that has gotten me all giddy today.

As Asleep from GolfWRX so eloquently lays out, PING has incorporated all of the advanced censors and gyroscopes of the latest gen iPhones and iPod touches and used them to produce a highly accurate, highly efficient putting stroke diagnostic tool, giving dynamic information really only seen on advanced monitors such as the SAM putting lab. While the SAM is an extremely sensitive ultrasound device capable of delivering about as accurate a putter stroke reading as you are going to get, you can’t just lug it around, nor is it exactly cheap (fittings usually run you about $100.00 alone, and owning one… well, you better have some disposable income if you are looking to use one strictly for practice) but with PING’s new iPING app for iOS, all you need is a simple case (which will retail for $30.00) that attaches to the shaft of your putter (at a point where it will not affect the balance, and thus not affect swing weight) and allows your iPhone or iPod to accurately measure swing path, tempo and consistency, as well as impact position, both in terms of face angle and impact angle. iPING also gives you the ability to compare your stats and swing numbers to tour pros and your friends via handy dandy networking capabilities.

While I consider myself a feel player, I really am sweating for this app. My game within 6-8ft of the hole can always use some work, and if I could use this on the practice greens to help my consistency from stroke to stroke, well, suffice it to say I’m seriously considering buying another iPhone when the next one comes out. I really think this is probably one of the biggest “training aids” that will be offered out there and will be a huge success for PING. While other aids may offer physical guides such as the putting arc, z factor or Taylormade’s true path system, none of them can give you the physical stats that iPING will be able to, and none will be able to tell you immediately what you need to correct like iPING will. If you are an iPhone or iPod owner and user and an avid golfer looking to improve your putting, I don’t think you can do without this one.
Head on over to GolfWRX for full details, pictures, diagrams and an explanation of how it works.



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