PING announces new Anser line of putters

As originally reported by beruo of GolfWRX, PING has announced their new Anser line of putters, which are set to replace the aging Redwood series somewhere in the near future as the companies premium putter offering. The lineup features 7 Anser style heads and one milled mallet, the “Sydney.” All the blades will be milled from 303 stainless steel, weigh 350 grams (except for the longneck Anser 5, which will weigh 353g’s) and will feature horizontal facial millings.

The 1,3 and 5 heads will all come in the traditional “dalehead” anser style but with sight lines and the 2,4 and 6 heads will be more closely like the original Anser 2, though not exact as the bumpers are more daleheadish and rounded. The real treat though is the Anser 0, which offers a sound slot and no sight line. It is completely retro and totally cool in my opinion.

I can’t say that I’m not eager to give PING’s entire new lineup a roll. A true dalehead as well as a real longneck are both welcomed sights in the retail market as far as I’m concerned and are markets I’ve been wondering why none of the other OEM’s have addressed. Having to go custom is just not an option for everyone, and I give major props to PING for keeping true to themselves, but at the same time offering something different and for everyone with this line.

Head on over to GolfWRX for full details and a lot of pics.

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